The Rich Heritage of Isulan: A Mosaic of Memories

Heritage of Isulan

Heritage of Isulan: Landmark of Rich Community

The Municipality of Isulan is a product of rich cultural communities. From the tales and anecdotes of the early settlers to the different waves of migrants, the town is painted with the colorful history of valor, culture and artistry. This history is marked by the different tangible cultural heritage of Isulan that survived until now all around town.

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ISULAN ROUNDABOUT: Welcome to Isulan, Sultan Kudarat

The Roundabout is the first heritage of Isulan monument you will see when you arrived at the Municipality of Isulan. It was constucted at the National Highway with the statue of Sultan Kudarat on top. The Isulan Roundabout is popularly called “Isulan Roundball.”

It was erected during the time of Mayor Publico. It’s significance in the history of the province is undeniable. It holds in itself the statue of the Sultan Kudarat, one of the national hero residing in this part of Mindanao. The statue was later replaced by a different statue designed by one of this nation’s artist.

The new statue is the one we can see on top until now. However, the designs of the marker remains untouched. The rich “bakod bakod” design was particularly of the Maguindanaon tribe. It is significant since it connotes protection from harm for the different bad elements. Over the years, it was just repainted to preserve its beauty and grandeur.

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VETERANS MARKER: A Tribute to our War Heroes

Another heritage of Isulan is Veteran’s Marker is located at Barangay Kalawag 2, going to Barangay Sampao. This landmark is used to commemmorate the heroism of the Veterans who fought during the war. It was their bravery that contributed a lot in the peace and order we are enjoying in our locality.

The names of the Veterans are written on the wall, sorrounding the marker. The marker itself is adorned with “Kris,” a blade used by early warriors which symbolizes courage, and an olive leaf, which symbolizes triumph and victory.

Until now this site is the venue for some historical event such as Independence Day and “Araw ng Kagitingan.” The uniformed personnels, Local Government Unit, the Veterans and their descendants gather to pay homage to the bravery of our heroes during such events.

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KALAWAG CREEK: Witness to the Early Beginnings of Isulan

This historic Kalawag Creek a heritage of Isulan that passes through Barangay Kalawag 1 and Barangay Kalawag 2. It was the site of the settlement of migrants in the Municipality of Isulan. The settlement was called the “Kalawag Settlement.”

The name is in reference to the root crop growing along its banks – the “kalawag.” This ginger-like crop is used as a spice or herbal medicine by the people.

The creek was a source of water and fish for early settlers. They rely on the creek as a means for washing, bath and fishing.
Nowadays, the creek was untouched as many houses were already erected along its banks. At times, people also come to the creek to do some fishing.


The Municipality of Isulan was famous for the African Palm Plantation. It stretches mostly in Barangay Kenram. This plantation marked itself as a heritage of Isulan that is the source of livelihood for most Isulanons. The fruit is used as a fire starter by most household. It is sold in the market for this purpose.

The palms are used to make “kalakat.” This is very different from the “kalakat” made by other places in terms of raw materials. Most “kalakat” are made out of bamboo. However, the “kalakat” in Barangay Kenram is made from the processed palms of the African Palm. The “kalakat” are mainly used to create a sturdy and breezy walling for most houses.

Wild mushrooms also grow around the area. These mushrooms are picked by the locals to be sold along the road.
At the heart of the plantation is the processing plant. It is used to processed the plant (mainly its fruit) for commercial purposes. Some old buildings, like the first mill and several bunk houses, are still standing. But mostly, the facilities are replaced by more modern types.

ISULAN TOWN HALL: The Seat of Governance

The historic heritage of Isulan Town Hall was constructed on the 50s during the early conception of the Municipality of Isulan. It is located along the National Highway. The infrastructure was mainly for the use of the Local Government Unit of Isulan. Different offices are located here to be accessible to the people who are in need of basic services. The design of the building was altered slowly over time, allowing for more people to be be catered, and giving an opportunity to provide more and more services.


There are other heritage of Isulan landmarks in the Municipality of Isulan. These landmarks in itself tells the story of this culture-rich town. If you have an opportunity to visit, come and discover for yourself the gems and treasures hidden in this town at the heart of Mindanao.

Heritage of Isulan FAQ's

What does the Isulan Roundabout symbolize?

The Isulan Roundabout stands as a captivating landmark, extending a warm welcome to visitors entering the town. Adorned with vibrant displays and sculptures, it vividly portrays facets of Isulan’s history and traditions, showcasing the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Who are the individuals honored at the Veterans Marker?

The Veterans Marker pays homage to all courageous souls who served the nation, with special reverence for those who fought for Isulan’s freedom and progress during various conflicts. It serves as a poignant reminder of their sacrifices and enduring contributions to the town’s historical tapestry.

What significance does Kalawag Creek hold in Isulan's heritage?

Kalawag Creek is hailed as the “cradle of Isulan,” marking the historical site where early settlements were established by the Maguindanaon people.

How does the African Palm Plantation bolster Isulan's economy and livelihood?

The African Palm Plantation stands as a cornerstone of income for many Isulan residents, offering employment opportunities in planting, harvesting, and processing palm for oil production. This oil, in turn, finds application across various industries, contributing significantly to the local economy.

What historical role does the Isulan Town Hall play?

The Town Hall stands as the nucleus of local governance and administration, embodying the town’s authority and developmental strides. Its architectural design may reflect the confluence of the town’s history and cultural influences, underscoring its pivotal role in Isulan’s journey.

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Yvonne Tañeza

Yvonne Tañeza: Sultan Kudarat’s Beacon of Compassion & Hope

Yvonne Tañeza: A Decade of Compassion and Global Influence In honor of International Women’s Month, we spotlight Yvonne Tañeza, Mrs. Grand Universe 2023, for her unwavering dedication to humanitarian deeds and advocacy. A pride of Sultan Kudarat, her journey and actions inspire change and embody the true spirit of compassion. From Sultan Kudarat to the Global Stage Yvonne Tañeza’s transformative journey from the verdant fields of Sultan Kudarat to the illustrious stage of Mrs. Grand Universe 2023 is a narrative that resonates with the power of resilience and ambition. Facing the adversities of poverty head-on, Yvonne’s unwavering resolve and tireless efforts paved the way for her remarkable achievements on an international platform.  Her victory is not merely a testament to her beauty and grace but stands as an emblem of hope and inspiration for countless others. It underscores the belief that with perseverance and dedication, barriers can be broken and dreams can indeed become reality.  Yvonne’s story, detailed further at, serves as a compelling reminder that no dream is too big and no starting point too humble for those who are determined to achieve greatness.  A Decade of Dedication: The 10th Anniversary Outreach Program For ten remarkable years, Yvonne Tañeza has dedicated herself to the noble cause of uplifting those around her, culminating in a significant outreach program at B Venus Elementary School on February 14, 2024. This event wasn’t just about distributing aid; it was a celebration of a decade-long journey of compassion, resilience, and impactful change. Yvonne’s personal story of overcoming adversity to achieve success served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring both students and their families to believe in the possibility of a brighter future.  The outreach was a vivid reflection of her belief in the transformative power of giving back, demonstrating that true charity involves not just material contributions, but the sharing of hope and encouragement. The heartfelt moments and the visible impact of this initiative were captured and shared, allowing a broader audience to witness the tangible difference one person’s dedication can make in the lives of many. Witness the impact of her outreach on Facebook. Previous slide Next slide An Influential Leader in Humanitarian Advocacy Yvonne Tañeza’s dedication to humanitarian advocacy culminated in receiving the distinguished title of “Asia’s Influential Advocate of Compassion for the Least Fortunate Children” from the Award Council of Asia’s Influential Leader Awards 2024. 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It’s a testament to the truth that a child’s achievements are interwoven with the legacy of their upbringing. Every accolade that Yvonne has garnered is a reflection of her mother’s resilience and her father’s steadfast support, proof that the triumphs of the child are echoes of a mother’s courage and a father’s guidance. As we celebrate her and the women of the world this International Women’s Month, let’s acknowledge the profound role parents play in shaping leaders like Yvonne. Her success is their success, a shared tapestry of struggle, love, and ultimate victory, inspiring every one of us to turn our own dreams into legacies of change and hope. Frequently Asked Questions Who is Yvonne Tañeza? Yvonne Tañeza is an inspirational figure from Sultan Kudarat who was crowned Mrs. Grand Universe 2023. She is known for her humanitarian work and advocacy against hunger, especially in the context of education for underprivileged children. What is Yvonne Tañeza’s connection to Sultan Kudarat? Yvonne Tañeza was born and raised in Sultan Kudarat, specifically in Sitio Nakan, Brgy. Kapaya, Bagumbayan. Her upbringing in this area, alongside the challenges she encountered and conquered, has deeply impacted her drive for humanitarian efforts and advocacy work. How can I support Yvonne Tañeza’s cause? You can support Yvonne Tañeza’s cause by contributing to her outreach programs, participating in her educational campaigns, or collaborating with the organizations she works with to spread awareness and aid in the fight against hunger. Keep an eye on her social media and official website for updates and opportunities to get involved. Table of Contents

Aetas Featured image

The Nomadic Aetas of Esperanza

Deep in the heart of the Municipality of Esperanza dwells a small community of Aetas. They hailed from the Islands of Iloilo and Luzon, travelling from place to place for their survival. Their nomadic practices had been their way of life. Photo Source: BiyahengJuanSided.Wordpress.Com  & BEAUTY THAT IS SKIN DEEP The physical appearances of the Aetas are very recognizable compared to that of the Ilonggos in the community in Barangay Numo, Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. Their dark skin and kinky hair makes them stand out in the community. According to the elders, those women who have darker skin color are considered the most attractive ones in their community. Although some of the members are married to other people from different cultural background, their offsprings still bear the mark of their beauty. Although there are times that they feel indifferent from the community due to their physical appearances, people in the barangay are always aware not to discriminate them because of this. Some members are confident enough despite of differences. Others have participated in community affairs such as meetings, gatherings and other social function. Photo Source: & NOMADIC LIFE The Aetas are considered one of the very first people of the Philippines. They have traveled from place to place using the “land bridges.” Although these “land bridges” had disappeared, it did not hinder them from travelling from place to place. In one of their travels, they ended up in the Municipality of Esperanza. Through the generosity of the Local Government Unit of Esperanza, they were granted with a piece of land where they can call their home. Even so, their nomadic tradition seems to live on. They would stay in the community for a week or two. When their supplies are low, they would hire vehicles to travel to different places where they can find money to buy their needs. From the Municipality of Esperanza, they have travelled as far as Cagayan de Oro City for their exploits. In the area where they travel, they would ask owners of vacant lots for them to settle for up to three weeks. They women will roam around to sell their wares, their handweaven purses and other indigenous medicines. These crafted items are made from the things they can find in the forest of Esperanza. While the women are selling, the men look for temporary jobs, usually in construction companies. When they have enough savings, they would go back to the Municipality of Esperanza. Their huts, which was desserted for awhile, had become lively again, a result of their productive travel. Photo Source: & AETAS THE SUPERNATURAL There are few accounts on the religious practices of the Aetas. However, they have adapted the religion of other cultures in the community. Most of them are already baptized in mainstream religions such as Christianity. Few of their indigenous practices still survive until now. They are not known for agriculture but they are excellent hunter gatherer. The forest is their main source of materials they need. One very particular item that they make is the “panagang.” It is a small bottle with various dried herbs and wood, soaked in oil. It is believed that once you have in your possession, the “panagang” can shield you from any harm. It is also believed that the oil can cure illnesses, specially those that are caused by supernatural entities or magical workings. They would sell these “panagangs” during their travels. Aside from the “panagang,” they also sell various charms and herbs they gather from the forest. Photo Source: & STRUGGLES FOR SURVIVAL The struggles of the Aetas are very real. Their old ways had become a blessing and root cause of their problem. Although there are attempts of inteventions provided by the government, such efforts have less impact in alleviating the social status of the Aeta Community. The Barangay unit have placed a Day Care Center near the Aeta community. However, this have little effects. It is because the education of the young ones are interrupted by their travels. This is because when they travel, all of them will join. No one will be left in the community. Since there are no one to care for the younger ones, they would bring them. Family planning is a real problem with the Aeta community. One hut, which is usually just a studio type hut, houses around three families. During day time, the “papag” is where they eat. During night time, it is transformed into a bedroom. Since there are a lot of members in the household, only women and children sleep in the hut. While the men look for other places such as trees or “duyan” to sleep. Health and sanitation is also one problem that must be addressed. You can see children playing around without clothes. Sometimes, wounds and scratches are only treated with oils or water or saliva. This situation posses a threat in the suvival of this community. The Aetas of Barangay Numo are beautiful people inside and out. They are kind and gentle. They are very accommodating to guests and visitors. During mealtime, they would offer the best food to the guest first before partaking something for their own. They are  an amazing tribe with a lot of things for us to discover. Frequently Asked Questions Where can you find Aetas in Sultan Kudarat? In fact, there are Aeta villages in Sultan Kudarat, though they are not as common there as they are in Luzon. Where can you find Aetas in Sultan Kudarat? Some places in Sultan Kudarat where you can find aetas are in the mountains and forests. What is the main way that Aetas in Sultan Kudarat make money? Like their relatives on Luzon, the Aetas of Sultan Kudarat make most of their money from farming, hunting, and gathering. How is the culture of the Aeta in Sultan Kudarat different from that of the Aeta in Luzon? The Aeta culture in Sultan Kudarat might be a little different because

tres andanas

The Breathtaking Tres Andanas

Image Source: Lakbay Mindanao Hidden within the verdant landscape of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat, lies an unearthed treasure eagerly awaiting discovery: Tres Andanas Falls. Referred to as the “three floors” due to its distinctive layered structure, this waterfall offers more than just a visual experience- it’s a feast for the senses.  Image Source: Lakbay Mindanao Serenade of the Springs Prepare to be mesmerized by the crystal-clear waters of Tres Andanas, each tier cascading into a refreshing pool below. Lush greenery surrounds the falls, creating a serene environment where the only sound is the gentle murmur of the water. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, take a refreshing dip in the pools, or simply relax and soak in the tranquility. Image Source: Lakbay Mindanao The Adventure Awaits: Reaching Tres Andanas requires a bit of effort, adding to the sense of adventure. The journey involves a moderate to rough motorcycle ride followed by downhill and uphill trails. But the reward is well worth it – a sight that will leave you breathless. From the jump-off point, a 15-20 minute walk leads to the registration hut, followed by a final 5-minute descent to reach the falls. Image Source: Tourist Destinations in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines    Beyond the Cascades While the falls are the main attraction, Tres Andanas provides additional amenities for its visitors. The registration hut charges a minimal environmental fee of P10, and you’ll find restrooms and even an area for cooking, making it convenient for day trips or picnics. The friendly locals in the area add to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring you feel at ease and supported throughout your visit Photo Source: Lebak Tourism Tres Andanas is perfect for: Nature lovers: Immerse yourself in the lush forest and be captivated by the cascading beauty of the falls. Adventure seekers: Embrace the challenge of the trek and discover the hidden gem waiting at the end. Relaxation seekers: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and find solace in the serene surroundings. Important notes: The trek requires some physical effort due to the challenging terrain. Consider hiring a local tour guide for a more enjoyable and safe experience Photo Source: Jessica Marajocon Planning Your Adventure: Reaching Tres Andanas Falls from General Santos City requires some planning. Take a Yellow Bus Line bus to Marbel, transfer to another bus for Surallah, and then hop on a van to Isulan, the capital of Sultan Kudarat. From Isulan, head to the barangay hall of Barangay New Calinog to arrange a tour guide for the hike. Remember, the challenging terrain necessitates sturdy footwear and a sense of adventure! Getting to Tres Andanas Falls may be a bit challenging, but the reward is definitely worth the journey. This lesser-known magic of a place provides an unique opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts in search of excitement, serenity, and stunning views. Get your bags ready, put on your hiking boots, and prepare to discover the enchantment of Tres Andanas Falls! Source: Maggie Tv Where is Tres Andanas Falls in Lebak, Sultan Kudarat located? Tres Andanas Falls is situated in Barangay New Calinog, Municipality of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. It’s roughly 30 kilometers south of Isulan, the provincial capital. What activities can I do at Tres Andanas Falls? The main activities include: Swimming and dipping in the refreshing pools beneath each tier. Trekking through the scenic nature trail leading to the falls. Picnicking and enjoying the natural beauty. Taking photos and capturing memories of the breathtaking cascades. What are the entrance fees and opening hours? Entrance fees are subject to change, but as of February 2024, expect to pay around ₱20-₱30 for adults and ₱10-₱15 for children. The falls are typically open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Is there a guide required or recommended? While not mandatory, having a guide familiar with the area and safety precautions can be beneficial, especially for first-time visitors or those unfamiliar with the terrain. They can navigate the trail, provide insights, and ensure your safety. Are there any facilities available at the falls? Basic amenities like restrooms and changing areas are available near the entrance. However, food options are limited, so it’s advisable to bring snacks or pack a picnic lunch. Table of Contents

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