The Rich Heritage of Isulan: A Mosaic of Memories

Heritage of Isulan

Heritage of Isulan: Landmark of Rich Community

The Municipality of Isulan is a product of rich cultural communities. From the tales and anecdotes of the early settlers to the different waves of migrants, the town is painted with the colorful history of valor, culture and artistry. This history is marked by the different tangible cultural heritage of Isulan that survived until now all around town.

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ISULAN ROUNDABOUT: Welcome to Isulan, Sultan Kudarat

The Roundabout is the first heritage of Isulan monument you will see when you arrived at the Municipality of Isulan. It was constucted at the National Highway with the statue of Sultan Kudarat on top. The Isulan Roundabout is popularly called “Isulan Roundball.”

It was erected during the time of Mayor Publico. It’s significance in the history of the province is undeniable. It holds in itself the statue of the Sultan Kudarat, one of the national hero residing in this part of Mindanao. The statue was later replaced by a different statue designed by one of this nation’s artist.

The new statue is the one we can see on top until now. However, the designs of the marker remains untouched. The rich “bakod bakod” design was particularly of the Maguindanaon tribe. It is significant since it connotes protection from harm for the different bad elements. Over the years, it was just repainted to preserve its beauty and grandeur.

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VETERANS MARKER: A Tribute to our War Heroes

Another heritage of Isulan is Veteran’s Marker is located at Barangay Kalawag 2, going to Barangay Sampao. This landmark is used to commemmorate the heroism of the Veterans who fought during the war. It was their bravery that contributed a lot in the peace and order we are enjoying in our locality.

The names of the Veterans are written on the wall, sorrounding the marker. The marker itself is adorned with “Kris,” a blade used by early warriors which symbolizes courage, and an olive leaf, which symbolizes triumph and victory.

Until now this site is the venue for some historical event such as Independence Day and “Araw ng Kagitingan.” The uniformed personnels, Local Government Unit, the Veterans and their descendants gather to pay homage to the bravery of our heroes during such events.

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KALAWAG CREEK: Witness to the Early Beginnings of Isulan

This historic Kalawag Creek a heritage of Isulan that passes through Barangay Kalawag 1 and Barangay Kalawag 2. It was the site of the settlement of migrants in the Municipality of Isulan. The settlement was called the “Kalawag Settlement.”

The name is in reference to the root crop growing along its banks – the “kalawag.” This ginger-like crop is used as a spice or herbal medicine by the people.

The creek was a source of water and fish for early settlers. They rely on the creek as a means for washing, bath and fishing.
Nowadays, the creek was untouched as many houses were already erected along its banks. At times, people also come to the creek to do some fishing.


The Municipality of Isulan was famous for the African Palm Plantation. It stretches mostly in Barangay Kenram. This plantation marked itself as a heritage of Isulan that is the source of livelihood for most Isulanons. The fruit is used as a fire starter by most household. It is sold in the market for this purpose.

The palms are used to make “kalakat.” This is very different from the “kalakat” made by other places in terms of raw materials. Most “kalakat” are made out of bamboo. However, the “kalakat” in Barangay Kenram is made from the processed palms of the African Palm. The “kalakat” are mainly used to create a sturdy and breezy walling for most houses.

Wild mushrooms also grow around the area. These mushrooms are picked by the locals to be sold along the road.
At the heart of the plantation is the processing plant. It is used to processed the plant (mainly its fruit) for commercial purposes. Some old buildings, like the first mill and several bunk houses, are still standing. But mostly, the facilities are replaced by more modern types.

ISULAN TOWN HALL: The Seat of Governance

The historic heritage of Isulan Town Hall was constructed on the 50s during the early conception of the Municipality of Isulan. It is located along the National Highway. The infrastructure was mainly for the use of the Local Government Unit of Isulan. Different offices are located here to be accessible to the people who are in need of basic services. The design of the building was altered slowly over time, allowing for more people to be be catered, and giving an opportunity to provide more and more services.


There are other heritage of Isulan landmarks in the Municipality of Isulan. These landmarks in itself tells the story of this culture-rich town. If you have an opportunity to visit, come and discover for yourself the gems and treasures hidden in this town at the heart of Mindanao.

Heritage of Isulan FAQ's

What does the Isulan Roundabout symbolize?

The Isulan Roundabout stands as a captivating landmark, extending a warm welcome to visitors entering the town. Adorned with vibrant displays and sculptures, it vividly portrays facets of Isulan’s history and traditions, showcasing the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Who are the individuals honored at the Veterans Marker?

The Veterans Marker pays homage to all courageous souls who served the nation, with special reverence for those who fought for Isulan’s freedom and progress during various conflicts. It serves as a poignant reminder of their sacrifices and enduring contributions to the town’s historical tapestry.

What significance does Kalawag Creek hold in Isulan's heritage?

Kalawag Creek is hailed as the “cradle of Isulan,” marking the historical site where early settlements were established by the Maguindanaon people.

How does the African Palm Plantation bolster Isulan's economy and livelihood?

The African Palm Plantation stands as a cornerstone of income for many Isulan residents, offering employment opportunities in planting, harvesting, and processing palm for oil production. This oil, in turn, finds application across various industries, contributing significantly to the local economy.

What historical role does the Isulan Town Hall play?

The Town Hall stands as the nucleus of local governance and administration, embodying the town’s authority and developmental strides. Its architectural design may reflect the confluence of the town’s history and cultural influences, underscoring its pivotal role in Isulan’s journey.

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