Isulan Hotels: The Safe Haven for Travellers

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Isulan Hotels: Keeping Travelers Safe and Accomodated

The Municipality of Isulan is located at the crossroads of municipalities in the Province of Sultan Kudarat. It’s strategic location is favored by different transportation company and accommodation facilities. The Municipality is the best place to rest after enjoying all the tourists destinations of the whole Province of Sultan Kudarat.

In the southern part are the municipalities of Bagumbayan and Senator Ninoy Aquino, which are famous for their numerous caves and falls. Those adventure buff who loves camping and trekking will surely enjoy some cave exploring, trekking and water rafting.

On the other side is an access to the Municipality of Esperanza. The Marguez Hot and Cold Spring is visited both by locals and tourists for family outing or parties. People who love trekking will simply enjoy climbing the famous Ogis Peak, being greeted by its breathtaking sceneries.

The City of Tacurong is only minutes away from the Municipality of Isulan. The Baras Bird Sanctuary is home to different species of birds, freely finding their abode on this once pepper farm.The City of Tacurong is a component city of the Province of Sultan Kudarat. Yearly, their Talakudong Festival is crowded by spectators who wanted to enjoy the festivities of hat or head gear.

Just next to the City of Tacurong is the Municipality of Columbio, which is famous for its falls and rivers with unique rock formations.After these adventures, you may want to just take time for a well deserved R&R.

The Municipality of Isulan is teeming with various accommodation facilities depending on your preferences. Here are some of these facilities:

This is the biggest accommodation facility in the Municipality of Isulan. It started as a humble chicken house in the 90’s. Now, it evolved into one of the high class accommodation in the Municipality of Isulan.

The food in their restaurant, which is mostly Halal, is sought after by many locals. Their famous “Lechon Manok” is still one of the preferred viand by a lot of people.

Their hotel is quite luxurious. Their air conditioned rooms are the best way to relax while being awaken by the view of the majestic Daguma Range. (If you are in the right side of the hotel.)

It is located along the National Highway.

For inquiries and reservations you may contact 09366918059.

A gift of loving parents to their daughter, the hotel was built near the Isulan Roundabout. ( The Isulan Roundabout is one of the cultural heritage of the town.)

It’s location is favored for easy access to transportation and.other necessary facilities such as mall and convenience store.

This towering beauty is equipped with air conditioned rooms and function halls. A small diner can also be found on the ground floor.

If you choose to stay here, be sure to visit the roof deck, where you can see upclose the statue of Sultan Kudarat on top of the Isulan Roundabout.

For inquiries and reservations please contact 09485409629.

If you wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busy highway, you might want to try Antonia’s Place and Catering Services. It is located at Brgy Kalawag 1, just in front of the San Carlos Borromeo Parish, the biggest Catholic Church in the Municipality of Isulan. 

It’s rusty design adorned with trees and plants will surely help you feel simple at home. Their air-conditioned rooms will provide comfort for any travellers.

For inquiries and reservations please contact 09778146462.

Located at the banks of the historic Kalawag Creek, the Dolarosa Spring Resort provided tranquility to any travellers.

Their air-conditioned rooms are sought after by travellers and business men due to its peacefulness, away from the crowded streets.

Aside from the comfortable accommodation, they also offer a 24-hour pool, which is loaded by natural spring water. The cold water will eventually wash away all the stress and tensions in your body.

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact 09659176408.

Other Accommodation Facilities

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Prices per rooms at these smaller lodges start at ₱300, varying based on the duration of your stay.


LOCATION: Ali Akang Street, Barangay Kalawag 3, Isulan, Sultan Kudart, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBER: +6397758476268

Photo Source: Billy’s Lodging House


LOCATION: Pamintuan Street, Brgy. Kalawag II, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBER: (064) 201-3896

Photo Source: Diamonds A’s Cafe


LOCATION: PC Barracks, Kalawag 2, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBER: +639555344842

Photo Source: Google Maps


LOCATION: Villanueva Subdivision Purok 2, Barangay Dansuli, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat

CONTACT NUMBER: +639198101073


LOCATION: Sen. Ninoy Aquino Avenue, 9805 Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Pilipinas


Photo Source:


LOCATION: Sen. Ninoy Aquino Avenue, 9805 Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Pilipinas

CONTACT NUMBER: (064)-201-4458

Photo Source: Google User Content


LOCATION: Palermo St, Barangay Kalawag 2, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBER: (064) 201-4936


LOCATION: Peneza St, Brgy. Kalawag 2, Isulan, Philippines


Photo Source: Google Maps

Isulan Hotels: Providing Travelers a Place to Stay

There are a lot of accommodation facilities all over the Municipality of Isulan. They may be in the form of inns and lodging houses. These accommodations cater to travellers traversing the town while enjoying the richness of the Province of Sultan Kudarat.

Isulan Hotels FAQs

What types of Isulan Hotels are there?

Isulan Hotels has wide range of accommodation, from Luxury to deluxe to family. Check Sultan Kudarat websites for the latest updates.

what kind of amenities Isulan hotels Offer?

Ameneties differ from every hotel; anticipate basics like Wi-Fi, AC, room solution, and car parking. High-end alternatives may include pools, health facilities, and eating.

is there aFamily-friendly hotel in Isulan?

Yes, Isulan Hotels offered family suites and kid-friendly activities. Inquire for more details hotels about household offerings.

how di make a reservations in Isulan hotels

While reservations through online using hotel’s web sites or other popular systems. Most hotels offeres walk in reservation or through Calls or text messages.

is there Isulan hotels near tourist attractions?

Explore the website of Sultan Kudarat and look for the category of Isulan. Take notes of their social festivals and regional attractions during your stay.

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