Immersive Tranquility: A Retreat to Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort

Ideally situated in the picturesque mountainside of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat, where the lush forest harmoniously blends with serene surroundings, one can discover a true hidden treasure – Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort.

Tucked away serenely by the woods, the resort features two pools that provide a distinct sense of delight for all guests and adventurers in search of a connection with nature.

The scenic mountain view on the way to Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort.

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Marguez's Diverse Pool Experience for Every Guest

Guests at Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort can enjoy three enticing pools, each thoughtfully designed to accommodate different preferences. A separate children’s pool is ready to delight young guests, while two additional pools provide a soothing escape for adults – one with refreshing cold water and the other with relaxing hot spring water. Exploring the pool area allows visitors to discover the ideal spot, where they can immerse themselves and experience the invigorating effects of nature on their bodies.


Perfect Retreat for Relaxation and Enjoyment

Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort offers a perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment. The cottages are designed to provide ample space for comfort, and the function room is perfect for hosting gatherings and events. Delightful meals can be enjoyed at the grill station, and visitors can rest assured that the toilets are kept pristine for their convenience and cleanliness.

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Therapeutic Hot and Cold Springs

The hot and cold springs at Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort possess incredible therapeutic qualities that extend beyond physical benefits, impacting overall well-being. The resort sets the stage for ultimate relaxation, encouraging guests to embrace the rejuvenating powers of the natural surroundings. With its affordable entrance fee, this destination offers a captivating scenery that appeals to both individuals and families.

Impressive Range of Amenities and Safety Measures

Visitors praise the resort for its impressive range of amenities. The pools are designed with the safety of all guests in mind, featuring separate pools for toddlers, children, and adults to ensure everyone can enjoy their time in the water.

Dedicated baywatchers are always on hand to provide attentive supervision and ensure a safe swimming experience for all. The cottages, grilling areas, well-maintained shower and restroom facilities, and canteen all contribute to enhancing the overall experience.

Widely Regarded Ultimate Destination for Relaxation

While reaching Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort may be challenging for those unfamiliar with the area or lacking their own means of transportation, the captivating destination is truly worth the endeavor. The meticulously maintained pools and tranquil atmosphere provide a sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life, serving as a gentle reminder that the visitors’ journey was truly worthwhile.

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Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort is widely regarded as the ultimate destination for relaxation and quality time with loved ones, whether it be family, friends, or travel companions. With its hot and cold spring swimming pools and nature-tripping adventure, this resort is an exceptional destination for those in search of a blissful escape. Experience the enchantment of Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort, where the beauty of nature and the bliss of relaxation beckon to all wanderers.

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How many pools are available at Marguez, and what are their unique features?

Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort features three pools - a new children's pool, a pool with refreshing cold water, and another with relaxing hot spring water, each catering to different preferences.

Is there a facility for hosting events and gatherings at Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort?

Yes, the resort has a function room perfect for hosting gatherings and events, providing an additional space for visitors to enjoy.

How is safety ensured at the pools for guests of different age groups?

The pools are designed with the safety of all guests in mind, featuring separate pools for toddlers, children, and adults, along with dedicated baywatchers ensuring a safe swimming experience.


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