Proud Kudarateña: Agnes S. Morante, PhD| 2023 International Who’s WHO Awardee

Agnes S. Morante, PhD, recognized as an Outstanding Global Leader for her exceptional contributions to education and leadership in the prestigious 2023 International Who's and Who Awards.

Agnes S. Morante, PhD| Recognizing Excellence in Educational Leadership

In the heart of Manila, Philippines, on December 28, 2023, the prestigious Networld Hotel witnessed the crowning moment for Agnes S. Morante, PhD, as she was honored with the Outstanding Global Leader Award at the 2023 International Who’s and Who Awards. 

Hosted by BETMA English (Vietnam) and Aloysian Publications (Philippines), this joint recognition program celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in various fields. The spotlight of the event was undoubtedly on Dr. Morante, a seasoned educator and school leader, whose journey reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Journey of Dedication

Educational Foundations

Dr. Agnes S. Morante’s educational odyssey commenced at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education majoring in English. Undeterred by challenges, she later pursued a Master’s in Management with a focus on Educational Management. Currently serving as the School Principal 1 at New Pangasinan National High School in the Department of Education, Dr. Morante has undoubtedly carved a path of success.

Teaching and Leadership Experience

Before assuming her current role, Dr. Agnes S. Morante dedicated two decades to teaching, spending ten years each at San Emmanuel National High School in Tacurong City and Isulan National High School in the Municipality of Isulan. Her extensive experience as an English teacher and involvement in various civic organizations laid the foundation for her ascent to leadership.

Strategic Leadership

As a strategic leader, Dr. Morante transformed New Pangasinan National High School into a beacon of educational excellence. Recognized as a Brigada Eskwela Promising School in 2018 and achieving a Regional School-Based Management Level 3 Practitioner status, she led the school to obtain its Certificate of Land Title after 44 years of existence.

Agnes S. Morante

Recognitions and Accolades

National and International Accolades

Dr. Agnes S. Morante’s impact extends far beyond the school gates. In 2018, she was conferred as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Educators in Singapore. Her accolades include being named Outstanding Secondary Principal in the Division of Sultan Kudarat and securing the 2nd place for Outstanding Secondary Principal in Region 12. Her achievements reached a global scale when she received the Asia Pacific Luminare Awards as Asia’s Woman of Achievements, Exemplary School Principal, and Outstanding Advocate of the Year in May 2023.

In April 2023, she was awarded Philippines’ Woman of Influence and Most Outstanding School Head of the Year at the Dangal ng Lahi Awards in Baguio City. These recognitions affirm Dr. Morante’s dedication and mark her as an influential figure in the field of education.

Advocate for Peace and Community

Cultural Conflict Resolution

Beyond academic achievements, Dr. Agnes S. Morante has played a pivotal role in fostering peace within the community. Collaborating with the LGU, PNP Isulan, Barangay LGUs, and the MILF 105th Brigade Command, she advocated for peace negotiations to end cultural conflicts among students. Her efforts showcase her commitment to creating a harmonious environment for learning.

Regional Learning Facilitator

Dr. Morante’s commitment to educational improvement is further demonstrated by her role as the Regional Learning Facilitator for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS SOLO) Framework in English. She has been an integral part of the Division Quality Assurance Team for Interactive Lessons Key Stages 1 and ALS Senior High School in English.

A Trailblazer in Education

Agnes S. Morante, PhD, stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and leadership. Her journey, marked by dedication, accolades, and a commitment to peace, resonates as an inspiring narrative. As the 2023 International Who’s and Who Outstanding Global Leader, Dr. Agnes S. Morante’s story is not just about personal triumph but an embodiment of the potential within the realm of education to shape futures and build bridges of understanding. Her recognition is not merely an award; it is a celebration of the profound impact one individual can have on a community and beyond.

Continuing the Legacy - Maam Ness as a Role Model

Community Impact

Dr. Morante’s influence extends beyond the confines of the educational realm. Her collaborative efforts with civic organizations, such as the SKSU Graduate School Management Department and the Sultan Kudarat Public Secondary School Association, underline her commitment to community engagement. As a past President and Representative of these organizations, she has left an indelible mark on the collective development of the community.

Professional Development

A lifelong learner, Dr. Agnes S. Morante has not only excelled in her academic pursuits but has also contributed to the professional development of others. Serving as a part-time instructor at Notre Dame of Tacurong College and Southern Mindanao Institute of Technology, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of educators.

Global Recognition

Dr. Morante’s achievements have not gone unnoticed on the international stage. Being conferred as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Educators in Singapore solidifies her status as a global educator. Her contributions to education have transcended geographical boundaries, making her a source of inspiration for educators worldwide.

A Lasting Legacy - Educator's Link Magazine Feature

Whos’ Who Feature

The recognition bestowed upon Dr. Agnes S. Morante is not ephemeral. Her profile, along with other honorees, is featured in a special edition of the Educator’s Link magazine entitled “WHOS’ WHO.” This serves as a lasting tribute, capturing the essence of her achievements for posterity. The magazine, circulated widely, ensures that her story inspires generations to come.

Educational Management Expertise

Dr. Morante’s academic journey, marked by completing the academic requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management, reflects her dedication to enhancing educational practices. Her expertise in this domain contributes not only to the success of her school but also to the broader discourse on educational leadership.

Embodying Excellence - A Leader, Educator, and Mother

In the mosaic of accomplishments that define Agnes S. Morante, PhD, the accolades, recognitions, and contributions seamlessly blend to paint a portrait of a multifaceted leader. Beyond being an Outstanding Global Leader, Dr. Morante is a role model, a catalyst for positive change, and a beacon of hope for the future of education.

Her journey, from the classrooms of Isulan, Sultan Kudarat to the global stage, showcases the transformative power of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In every recognition she receives, there is a collective acknowledgment of the profound impact she has had on education, her community, and the lives she has touched along the way. Agnes S. Morante, PhD, is not just a name; she is a symbol of what is achievable when education becomes a vessel for positive change.


What are the key achievements that led to Agnes S. Morante receiving the Outstanding Global Leader Award?

Dr. Morante's journey to the Outstanding Global Leader Award is marked by a distinguished career in education. She served as an English teacher for two decades, played crucial roles in various civic organizations, and demonstrated strategic leadership as the School Principal 1 at New Pangasinan National High School. Her transformative efforts, including making the school a Brigada Eskwela Promising School and obtaining a Regional School-Based Management Level 3 Practitioner status, were instrumental in earning her this prestigious recognition.

How has Agnes S. Morante contributed to fostering peace within her community?

Dr. Morante has been a catalyst for peace within her community, working collaboratively with local government units, the Philippine National Police in Isulan, Barangay LGUs, and the MILF 105th Brigade Command. Her advocacy for peace negotiations aimed at resolving cultural conflicts among students reflects her commitment to creating a harmonious learning environment. This commitment to peace extends beyond academic achievements, showcasing her holistic approach to education.

What is the significance of the "WHOS' WHO" feature in the Educator's Link magazine for Agnes S. Morante?

The "WHOS' WHO" feature in the Educator's Link magazine is a lasting tribute to Dr. Morante's achievements. As an Outstanding Global Leader, her profile, along with other honorees, is showcased in this special edition, ensuring that her story inspires future generations. This feature not only celebrates her accomplishments but also contributes to a broader discourse on educational leadership, making her a symbol of excellence in the field.

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