Sultan Kudarat’s Pride: Yvonne TaƱeza Conquers Mrs. Grand Universe 2023

In the heart of Pagsanjan, Laguna, the world witnessed the crowning glory of Mrs. Grand Universe 2023 from December 1st to 9th, 2023. Among the 15 outstanding candidates from different countries, one remarkable woman, Mrs. Yvonne TaƱeza, emerged victorious on the Coronation Night of December 9, 2023. Hailing from the modest province of Sultan Kudarat, Yvonne’s triumph not only signifies personal achievement but also serves as an inspiration for the entire community.

Mrs. Grand Universe 2023

Source: Facebook –Yvonne Inventor TaƱeza

A Humble Beginning in Sultan Kudarat

Yvonne TaƱeza, now 35, spent her early years in Sitio Nakan, Kapaya, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat. Her journey to the global stage of Mrs. Grand Universe reflects a life woven with challenges, hope, and enduring spirit. Growing up in poverty, she began working in the fields at the tender age of 9. While others enjoyed leisure, Yvonne found pride in selling yema candy and banana chips during school recess, earning every centavo with determination.

Despite facing humble meals and treacherous river crossings to school, her spirit remained unbroken. Yvonne’s childhood adversities became the bedrock of her strength, propelling her towards a brighter future.

Source: Facebook –Yvonne Inventor TaƱeza

A Beacon of Hope in Hospitality

Armed with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry across the UAE and the USA, Yvonne’s professional journey reflects her unwavering determination. Starting as a waitress, she climbed the professional ladder, becoming the Personal Assistant to the Cluster General Manager at the prestigious Wyndham Dubai Deira Hotels and Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek.

Yvonne’s success in the international hospitality arena mirrors her commitment to excellence and hard work, proving that one’s background is not a barrier to success.

A Queen's Commitment to Service and the "RISE AGAINST HUNGER" Advocacy

Yvonne’s commitment to community service earned her the “Most Outstanding Migrant Award for Community Service and Promotion of Cultural Diversity” by the Global Migrant Heritage Foundation, USA. From supporting cancer patients in the Philippines and the USA to being crowned Mrs. Heritage Philippines USA 2019, Yvonne has been a beacon of hope and support.

Her dedication extends globally, reaching distressed Filipino workers, cancer patients, and less privileged children. Through financial contributions, outreach programs, and personal interventions, Yvonne embodies selflessness and kindness. Notably, her advocacy aligns seamlessly with the advocacy of Mrs. Grand Universe 2023: “RISE AGAINST HUNGER.”

Source: Facebook – Pageantry MagazineĀ 

Advocating for Education: Mrs. Grand Universe 2023

As Mrs. Grand Universe 2023, Yvonne’s advocacy centers around supporting education for the underprivileged, a cause closely tied to the pageant’s advocacy. Her personal journey from poverty to success fuels her belief that education is a transformative tool against hunger and poverty.

Yvonne’s message resonates: every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, deserves the chance to learn, explore their potential, and lead a purposeful life. Her vision is clear – a universe where every child has the key to bright futures, free from the chains of hunger.

Source: Facebook –Yvonne Inventor TaƱeza

Yvonne's Gratitude for Prestigious Titles

In expressing her deep appreciation, Yvonne extends her heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed judges for acknowledging her efforts and bestowing upon her titles that will forever hold a special place in her heart:

  • Mrs. Grand Universe 2023
  • Mrs. Grand Universe 2023 ā€œBrand Ambassadorā€
  • Mrs. Grand Universe ā€œCharity Queenā€
  • Best in National Costume
  • Best in Evening Gown
  • Caliraya Lake Forest Hidden Resort Ambassador

Source: Facebook –Yvonne Inventor TaƱeza

A Visionary Future for Sultan Kudarat

Yvonne’s success story from the farms of Sultan Kudarat to the global stage inspires every young Filipino dreamer. Her call to focus on education, chase dreams, and carry the heart of a good citizen echoes her own journey.

Looking ahead, Yvonne aspires to usher in prosperity through entrepreneurship and lay the foundation for the education of underprivileged children. Her enduring message reminds us that every challenge, especially the battle against hunger, is a stepping stone to greatness.

Mrs. Yvonne TaƱeza’s triumph at Mrs. Grand Universe 2023 not only brings pride to Sultan Kudarat but stands as a testament to the power of unwavering faith, perseverance, dedication, and the collective effort to “RISE AGAINST HUNGER”.

Mrs. Grand Universe

What sets Yvonne apart in the pageant?

Yvonne's journey from Sultan Kudarat to global recognition, coupled with her dedication to advocacy, resilience, and community service, distinguishes her.

How does Yvonne plan to give back in the future?

Yvonne aspires to start a hospitality business providing jobs and establish a foundation for underprivileged children's education.

How can we support Yvonne's advocacy?

Supporting Yvonne's advocacy involves raising awareness about "Rise Against Hunger" and contributing to initiatives that promote education for the underprivileged.

What is Yvonne's advocacy as Mrs. Grand Universe 2023?

Her advocacy is "Rise Against Hunger," emphasizing the importance of supporting education for the underprivileged.

What led her to the hospitality industry?

Yvonne pursued Hotel and Restaurant Management to uplift her family and later achieved success in the UAE and the USA.

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