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Situated in the southernmost region of Columbio, Sultan Kudarat is a charming municipality that combines the breathtaking landscapes of Batanes, New Zealand, and Palawan into a single destination. With its picturesque landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and a mysterious underground river, Columbio is a captivating destination just waiting to be discovered. Its untouched beauty evokes a sense of adventure, reminiscent of the unexplored territories that a wanderlust has yet to conquer.

pangadilan falls

The Map of Pangadilan Falls.

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Hidden within the untouched beauty of Mindanao, Pangadilan Falls stands as a mesmerizing destination that attracts adventurous travelers in search of something truly extraordinary. Renowned for its captivating attractions, Columbio is a must-visit destination for backpacking enthusiasts in the SOCCSKSARGEN region. Explore the unearthed wonders of an underground river, marvel at the beauty of Fekung Bula Falls, hike along the picturesque La Palmera Mountain Ridge, witness the breathtaking 7 Falls, and be enchanted by the mesmerizing Pangadilan Falls.

Grand La Palmera Mountain Ridges, located in Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, is a nature park that showcases the stunning beauty of the natural world. Providing a calm and peaceful ambiance, this location offers visitors stunning vistas of the nearby mountains. Whether you’re looking to unwind in comfortable accommodations or venture out to discover the beauty of nearby waterfalls and streams, this enchanting destination offers a truly immersive experience in nature’s splendor.

pangadilan fals

The beautiful cascade of Pangadilan Falls.

Photo Source: Lyko Miguel Quevada

 Pangadilan Falls necessitates a brief ascent, offering a breathtakingly beautiful yet chilly scenery. The waterfalls flow gracefully into a serene pool, creating an irresistible invitation for visitors to take a refreshing swim and fully appreciate the unspoiled surroundings. Next to the waterfall is a distinctive rock formation that looks like a massive mushroom. It’s a beautiful spot to take pictures and appreciate. It is recommended that visitors come prepared with their own supplies, as there are no stores in the vicinity.

Traveling to Columbio can be quite an adventure, especially if you’re coming from Manila or other major cities in the Philippines. Common routes include taking flights to General Santos City or Cotabato City, followed by a bus or van ride to Koronadal City or Tacurong City. For added convenience, you can consider renting a motorcycle or habal-habal from Marbel 1 Elementary School in Koronadal City.

Aerial view of Pangadilan Falls. 

Photo Source: Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formations FB Page 

Tips for Your Columbio Adventure:

Experience a relaxing stay at La Palmera, where comfortable lodges await you.

  • Remember to pack bug repellent and bring extra snacks, as there are no convenience stores in the vicinity.
  • Anticipate poor phone signal.
  • It is important to plan your arrival or departure during daylight hours to prioritize safety.
  • It’s important to have the contact information of your habal driver readily available for motorcycle rides.

Columbio, Sultan Kudarat may not be as well-known as other tourist destinations, but its distinctive charm and cultural abundance make it a destination worth exploring. Discover the breathtaking waterfalls and immerse yourself in the rich local culture of Columbio, a captivating destination in Region 12, Philippines. Discover the enchantment of Pangadilan Falls, where you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Pangadilan Falls plays a pivotal role in the livelihood of the local community, offering employment opportunities for tour guides, small shops, habal-habal drivers, and guards. The need for accessible roads is emphasized, with the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Government actively addressing this concern.


Source: JudeThe Tourist
Source: Lyko Miguel Quevada
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Have you ever envisioned immersing yourself in a scene from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”? Columbio’s Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formation offer a truly awe-inspiring experience in Mindanao that rivals even Bilbo’s epic journey. Experience the breathtaking beauty of nature right at your doorstep in our beloved Columbio.



How do I reach Pangadilan Falls from the poblacion?

You can take a 40 to 50-minute truck ride from the poblacion, heading to Sitio Bialong, Brgy. Polomolok.

Can you describe the surroundings of Pangadilan Falls?

The surroundings are characterized as invigorating and stunning, showcasing the immersive natural beauty that awaits visitors.

What precautions should visitors take when exploring the rock formation?

Caution is advised when exploring the rock formation, as its surface may be slippery and uneven.

Are there accommodations available along the riverbank?

Cottages along the riverbank offer a tranquil spot for relaxation.

How does Pangadilan Falls contribute to the local community's livelihood?

Pangadilan Falls provides employment opportunities for tour guides, small shops, habal-habal drivers, and guards, playing a pivotal role in the local community’s livelihood.

Where is Pangadilan Falls located?

Pangadilan Falls is located in Brgy. Lomoyon, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines, specifically in Sitio Bialong, Brgy. Polomolok.

What are the notable features of Pangadilan Falls

Pangadilan Falls is renowned for its natural dark, biotite-rich layers and distinctive rock formations.

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