Into the Wild: Embark on the Trail to Fetam Klego

fetam klego

A clear, refreshing  water surrounded by rocks, ideal for swimming and relaxing.

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Beyond the Mountains Lies Adventure:

Ideally situated in the picturesque Sitio Asmakul Basag, Brgy. Sinapulan, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, you will find Fetam Klego, an unearthed treasure just waiting to be explored. This captivating destination is a hidden gem, attracting adventurous souls and nature enthusiasts alike. The name “Fetam Klego” carries an air of intrigue and fascination, meaning “underground river” in the captivating language of the B’laan people. It hints at the hidden wonders that await beneath the surface, inviting adventurous exploration and unforgettable experiences.

Majestic mountains, and refreshing streams.

Photo Source: MyMindanao

A Journey Through Lush Landscapes:

Get ready for an enchanting journey as you take off on an idyllic voyage to Fetam Klego. This journey guarantees to captivate your senses with its breathtaking views of rolling hills, majestic mountains, and peaceful streams, creating a beautiful landscape that provides a break from the busy pace of urban living. Breathe in deeply and enjoy the refreshing air, allowing it to revitalize your soul as you immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of nature. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the world around you, as every stride reveals a fresh chapter in this mesmerizing expedition through the core of Mother Nature’s haven.

Mesmerizing views of rolling hills and verdant landscapes.

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Exploring Fetam Klego:

Getting to Fetam Klego is incredibly easy thanks to a quick 30-minute habal-habal ride that will transport you to the jump-off point. For a nominal cost, you can gain entry to this incredible natural wonder. As you embark on the trail, a short 20-minute hike awaits, leading you along a meandering path that reveals a compelling array of sights to admire. Get ready to be captivated as you journey along the narrow trail, where each bend reveals breathtaking views of rolling hills covered in vibrant green foliage that stretches as far as the eye can see.

As you progress, excitement grows, and the irresistible call of exploration draws you nearer to the center of the journey. And then, as if a precious gem discovered, you ultimately reach the pinnacle of this adventure: Fetam Klego, also lovingly referred to as the Sinapulan Underground River. As you gaze upon this awe-inspiring wonder, immersed in the serenity of the scenery, allow yourself to be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of this underground treasure.


A breath of fresh air, coupled with the soothing sounds of clean water

Photo Source: TisoyTraveler

More Than Just a River:

Fetam Klego is not simply an underground river; it’s a series of cascading streams converging into a mesmerizing doline. A captivating waterfall pool beneath a shallow cavern becomes the centerpiece of your exploration. As you interact with the welcoming locals and contribute a P10 maintenance fee to support the preservation of this natural wonder, you’ll understand why Fetam Klego is considered a crown jewel of Sultan Kudarat.

A refreshing mist and a soft, calming sound.

Photo Source: MyMindanao

Your Guide to the Sanctuary:

Planning your escape to Fetam Klego? The provided travel guide offers comprehensive information, from navigating the journey from Manila to Davao City to finding transportation to Matanao and onward to the hidden gem. Essential details on accommodation, food, and activities empower you to craft the perfect itinerary, while budget considerations ensure a responsible and enjoyable adventure. Whether you’re a solo explorer or part of a group expedition, remember to embrace responsible tourism practices, leaving behind only footprints of admiration and respect for this natural treasure.

A crystal-clear pool of water surrounded by towering rock formations and vibrant greenery

Photo Source: MyMindanao

Embrace the Adventure but Leave No Mark:

As you set out on your journey to Fetam Klego, may wisdom guide your path and reverence show your way. Always keep in mind that thorough preparation is essential for a successful journey. Be mindful of the local customs and events to smoothly blend into the lively fabric of the community. Approach each step with a focused and attentive mindset, recognizing the profound connection between humans and the natural world, and cultivating a sincere appreciation for the wonders that await.

Embrace a mindset of responsible exploration, ensuring that each step you take leaves little to no mark on the environment and inspires others with admiration and respect. Deep within the heart of Fetam Klego, there is a sanctuary of extraordinary beauty, just waiting to be explored. With its mysterious charm and tranquil ambiance, it entices you to embrace its beauty and experience a sense of peace that transcends time.

Source: Anak ni Dora

What is Fetam Klego, and where is it located?

Fetam Klego is a hidden gem in Sitio Asmakul Basag, Brgy. Sinapulan, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat. It is situated at the boundary of Brgy. Colonsabak, Matanao, Davao del Sur.

What does the term "fetam klego" mean, and why is it significant?

"Fetam Klego" is derived from the B'laan word, meaning "underground river." It holds cultural significance as it signifies the presence of an underground river and serves as a prominent tourist spot in both Columbio and Matanao.

What can visitors expect during the trek to Fetam Klego?

The trek to Fetam Klego offers a picturesque journey with stunning views of hills, mountains, and clean water. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, it provides a respite from urban life, immersing visitors in the beauty of the natural surroundings

How can one reach Fetam Klego from Manila?

Travelers can take daily flights from Manila to Davao City, the entry point to Matanao, Davao del Sur. From Davao City, they can proceed to Matanao via bus or taxi, and further transportation options are available to reach Fetam Klego.

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