Isulan Eats: Food that Bring Colors to the Soul

Isulan Eats: Food that Bring Colors to the Soul

Filipinos have a deep love for food. It is not just a mere sustenance for survival but an opportunity to bond and express camaraderie.

This is the reason why there is a lot a variety of food found in the Philippines. Every tourists makes sure that it is part of their itinerary to try such delectable wonders.

The Municipality of Isulan is located at the heart of Mindanao. This capital town of the Province of Sultan Kudarat, is teeming with various cultures and delicacies.

Its location is ideal for agriculture, which makes it perfect to make various meals and hearthy dishes from the rich harvest of the land.

During the early 1950s, when the doors of Mindanao were opened to people from different places of Luzon and Visayas, waves of migrants came to Mindanao for greener pastures.

True to its slogan “The Land of Promise”, Mindanao became a haven for different cultures. 

Some of these cultures settled in the Municipality of Isulan. Ilonggos, Cebuanaos, Ilocanos, Kapampangan, and many others settled in the place bringing with them their rich cultural heritage, which includes their unique liking for different flavors. 

The intermingling of these cultures, especially with the local cultures such as Maguindanao and Manobo, has produced a multicultural community that can offer not only a colorful history but also some very delectable cuisines.

Isulan Eats Inasal

Isulan Eats: Savory Chicken Inasal

If a big corporation had Mang Inasal, the Municipality of Isulan has Fafa Makoy. Their chicken inasal is yet to be desired by the locals and tourists.

You can surely maximize your unlimited rice once you’ve tasted it. Due to the demand for their products, they have also opened different branches in different municipalities of the Sultan Kudarat Province.

Isulan Eats fruit tea

Isulan Eats: Healthy Delicious Fruit Tea

After tasting the chicken inasal, it would be refreshing to try some healthy drinks. These drinks can be offered by Pretty Cups, a place where you can enjoy some fruit tea made from fresh ingredients.

You must also try their authentic Kapampangan dishes such as Kare Kare and Sisig.

Isulan Eats Seafood

Isulan Eats: Fresh Seafoods Delights

The Municipality of Isulan is far from the sea. The coastal areas would be at least a 2 hour drive from the town. But this doesn’t mean the people of the town can’t enjoy seafood.

While in town, try visiting 3As Su-To-Kil and Seafoods House.

There is a wide array of dishes you can try. They offer “sugba” (grilled), “tola” (soup) and “kilaw” (raw), thus the name SuToKil.

Their signature dish, Seafood Mukbang, is a platter you should not miss. It contains a variety of shells, crabs, squid and prawns.

These seafood items are sourced from the coastal municipalities of Lebak and Kalamansig and General Santos City.

Isulan Eats Desserts

Isulan Eats: a Paradise of Desserts

People with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed upon visiting Isulan. It is because, the town is full of sweets you can enjoy.

You can try the Halo Halo and banana cake of Banana King. Or you can also try different pastries at Marieton.

Baked goods and a variety of pasalubong products are also offered by LeGre and Tam’s Barquillos.

Isulan Eats Pastel

Isulan Eats: The Local Favorite Pastil

One Maguindanaon dish you must try is the pastil. It is cooked rice, topped with shredded chicken, wrapped in a banana leaf.

Every corner in the Municipality has this since it is the convenient food for everyone to enjoy.

Isulan Eats Cocktails

Isulan Eats: Cocktails and Beverages

At the end of the day, when you have consumed a lot of food, you need a place where you can relax and enjoy a few drinks with friends.

You may want to visit Bunkrs. Its rooftop location is a great get away, sipping some cocktails and other beverages while being entertained by a local band or DJ.

Isulan Eats Mixed Drinks

Isulan Eats: Mixed Drinks and Cafe

If you want a cozy bar, you may also try 12:21 cafe. You can enjoy some of their mixed drinks or shoot some pool with friends.

They also offer hot or ice coffees that blends with the aesthetic vibe of the place which is picture perfect for our social media posts and stories.

The Municipality of Isulan is a great place to have a memorable experience. Some tourist eventually become residents after their visit because of the wide variety of food to enjoy while enjoying the peacefulness of the place.

The intermingling of cultures has given residents an opportunity to respect each other’s cultural and religious differences.

Once you are in the Philippines, try to visit the Municipality of Isulan. While in town, you have the opportunity to enjoy every food in the country. It is truly a melting pot of flavors. This is Isulan.

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